Brazilian Nut Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo, you should be aware of what kind of ingredients does it have and what could be the result after shampooing. Hundreds of brands and thousands of varieties make it difficult what would be best for your hair. Walking down the shampoo aisle gives you sensory overload. One of the most amazing ingredients – Brazil Nut Oil does magic to your hair. The Alin – Brazilian Nut Shampoo is based on a unique formula enriched with Brazilian Nut Oil, proteins, minerals and omega acids that suit every hair type, be it fine, thick, stressed or dry as well as color-treated hair.

Benefits of Brazilian Nut Shampoo

Enriched with miraculous ingredient – Brazilian Nut Oil preciously extracted from the seeds of one of the largest trees in South America makes this shampoo all-time favorite for your hair. It strengthens, replenishes and nourishes your hair that helps to maintain a healthy scalp. Designed for superior moisturizing and opulent shine, this amazing shampoo works wonders on all types of hairs, even colored-hair while enhancing miraculous color brilliance without overburdening. Below are some of the benefits of this shampoo:

  • Indulging hair care regime for all hair types, also for color-treated
  • Exclusively designed for advanced nourishment, magnificent shine, and suppleness
  • Provides a long-lasting, unique and healthy hair experience
  • Rich in nourishing proteins, minerals and Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids
  • Provides color brilliance and hair breakage prevention
  • Protection against harmful UV sun rays and other environmental damages to your hair
  • Instantly smooth and fortifies every strand of your hair
  • Helps maintain a healthy scalp
  • Comes in great fragrance to indulge your senses and gives you long-lasting sensorial experience.

Just after few hair washes, this shampoo leaves your leaves your hair shiny, bouncy and silky soft.  It is ideal for all types of hair – any type of chemical treatment including straightening and curling. Brazilian Nut Shampoo gently cleanses, removes dirt without disturbing the hair balance or taking off its moisture, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting straightening results.